Relationships in Juno and the Paycock vs Garage

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What similarities and differences did you notice between the relationships in both the texts Juno and the Paycock and Garage?


For my answer I am going to compare the relationships in both Garage and Juno and they Paycock and outline the similarites and differences in both. The characters I am going to speak about in Garage are Josie and David. The characters I am going to speak about in Juno are Captain Boyle and Joxer.

(note on comparative language:  words you might use: “on the one hand, on the other hand, similarly, in contrast, the opposite is the case in...”


•         They both bond over drink

•         One character needs his partner more

•         There is a lack of loyalty, they “sell out” the partner when it suits them.


•         One stays intact, the other disappears.

•         There is an age difference and maturity difference in Garage, in Juno they are peers.

•         In Juno they are both rogues, neighbours and contemporaries where in Garage Josie and David are from totally different backgrounds and while they both might like drink, that is really all they have in common.

 Paragraph 1: - they bond over drink...

In Juno, Captain Boyle and Joxer their social life revolves around the pub, when we first meet them they are just back from the pub, they return to the flat just for a bite to eat. Similarly at the end of the play when all the action has b...

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