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All My Sons

Arthur Miller


“Ann Deever and Kate Keller are admirable because they are brave and honest.”

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view of Ann Deever and Kate Keller? Support your answer with reference to the play, All My Sons.

In reference to Arthur Miller’s play ‘All my Sons’ it can be argued that both characters, Kate Keller and Ann Deever, are both honest and brave. These two characters harness these traits in their own individual way throughout the play in their actions and dialogue.

Kate Keller is referred to as ‘Mother’ in many parts of the play and even in the written script. This is the role she inhibits, she is the only Mother in the play and her role seems to extend past her children and on to other character such as her husband and Ann. Kate seemingly harbours a need for control in her life and within the surroundings she keeps. She is superstitious which allows her to make sense of things around her that she cannot control. In Act One she denotes the tree being struck by lightening as a sign regarding her son Larry. Kate’s obsessive behaviour can be put down to the fact that Larry was a pilot in the war and has been deemed ‘missing in action’. As a Mother, she is being extremely brave, she is holding her nerve and family together whilst it gets bashed by scandal, possibly fatality and other family feuds. She continues to care for and attempt to protect ...

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