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Mary's Relationships and Johnny's War Experience in Juno and the Paycock

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Mary’s Relationships vs. Johnny’s Experience of War in Juno and the Paycock 4

Mary’s Relationships vs. Johnny’s Experience of War in Juno and the Paycock

In Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey there are many aspects which provoke an emotional response. The two main emotional issues which helped me contextualise the vision and viewpoint of the text was Mary Boyle’s relationships with the two suitors and also Johnny Boyle’s experience with the war.

Mary Boyle is a young woman who has shown some interest in bettering herself by reading. Unfortunately, due to her circumstances of being brought up in a poor family, she cannot afford school or college. As her prospects of getting an education are so low she seems to, subconsciously, look for the most eligible suitor to get her out of her family’s predicament.

In Act One, we see her talking to Jerry Devine who asks her why she is not seeing him anymore. He is inappropriate in language and manner towards her and will not take no for an answer. Mary has a strong personality but can easily be physically overpowered by a man. Even with her Father present, Jerry does not give up on pestering Mary and tries stopping her from leaving the house.

Later in Act One, Juno brings Charles Bentham back to the house, it is evident that Mary and Charles are or will be involved romantically. They seemingly have a good relationship and Mary is keen to marry him as he is well-spoken, educated and established. She shuns Jerry from ...

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