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King Lear


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2005 Paper 1.

“Write a personal essay on the part which other people’s expectations play in our lives”.

Expectations are my worst enemy and my greatest motivator. High expectations make me nervous, on edge. I am anxious to achieve what is expected of me, which motivates me to try as hard as I possibly can. However, on the small chance that somebody has low expectations of, it makes me believe that is all I can conquer. I can also be my own worst enemy, because I often tell myself I will not be able to do something, and sure enough, I cannot do it.

Expectations do not only arise from schoolwork, but my friends have expectations of me. I spend a lot of my time studying because this is such an important year in my life, with the Leaving Certificate exams and all that comes with that. I am not able to go to every social outing my friends organise because my priorities are already set in stone. It’s repetitive and ultimately annoying when my friends automatically presume I will not be going ‘to town this weekend’ or I will not be ‘going to the party next weekend’. “Katie is probably studying”, they say, yet the exams are the bigger picture. I see the bigger picture. I am not looking for an excuse not to study; I need more than twenty-four hours in a day! Oh, but when I even suggest that my mom would not be okay with me going somewhere, it is a whole ordeal. One hundred and twenty questions! Why, why, why! Well let me just make it clear that if my friend’s expectations and my mom’s expectations are colliding, my mom always wins!

My family have huge expectations of me, I mean I cannot blame them, I am great, but sometimes I think they see me as Dash from The Incredib...

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