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John Montague - Themes Sample Answer

“John Montague expresses his themes in a clear and precise fashion.”   You have been asked by your local radio station to give a talk on the poetry of John Montague. Write out the text of the talk you would deliver in response to the above title. You should refer to both style and subject matter. Support the points you make by reference to the poetry on your course. (2009)

Good Afternoon, I am hear to discuss the poetry of John Montague. In particular, we wil be looking into how he expresses his themes by using clarity and precision. Whilst studying Montague it is clear that he deals in realism, he is confident in conveying strong and difficult themes in a way that a reader can visualise his viewpoint and ideas.

Montague’s poetry deals with many themes, including isolation, family, pagan Ireland, tradition, nature and human love. The way he puts his experiences and visions into his poetry is inspiring. He manages to harness his themes and contextualise them for the reader. He does a clear and precise approach in the different elements of constructiong poetry; it can be seen in the langauge, structure, imagery and tone of all his works.

In ‘The Wild Dog Rose’ his use of language is selective and concise. The structure of the poem Is untradtional and but its winding narrative detracts from this. Montague, in structuring his poems, often adds emphasis to one element over the other. Here, his use of language and construction of the poem itself is more prominent than the importance of structure. The theme of this poem is that of loss and isolation, this is explored through many circumstances. He speaks of childhood and how the experience ‘haunted’ him. It is a long poem and the imagery that is invoked is clear. It has a story-like quality and Montague takes you from scene to scene seamlessly. The reader moves with him from ‘the cottage’ to the ‘the graveyard’ for example. The action in this poem is also told with scarcity of words, his use of verbs allow the reader to be ...

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