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Relationship between Josie and David

Introduction: (my text is the movie 'Garage')

The key relationship in Garage is the one between Josie and David. Josie is the main character in the  movie and David is his teenage sidekick who helps him out at the garage. Straightaway we see there is an age difference and we just know this is going to lead to problems down the line. 

David is introduced to Josie by Mr Gallagher the owner of the garage. Mr Gallagher is friendly with David's mother Vivienne and we suspect that there is a relationship of sorts going on there but we never learn any more about it. David is quiet and introvert, a bit like Josie so they have that in common. In an early scene we see them sitting out the front of the garage with cans of beer in their hands looking at the evening sky. It is a touching scene till we realize that David is underage and shouldn't be drinking at all. We wonder if David only likes Josie because Josie can get him free drink. This can only cause problems in their relationship. 

2: In a later scene David invites  Josie down to the bog where some teenagers are sitting around a campfire. It is night and Josie introduces himself with the line: "I brought cans". For a moment Josie feels his relationship with David is growing stronger and he feels part of this group.

However as the night progresses and the couples pair off Josie is left on his own  unaware how outside...

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