Family in Silas Marner

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The importance of family in Silas Marner 4

The importance of family in Silas Marner

Silas Marner's occupation is that of a weaver who has decided to move from the town of Lantern Yard to Raveloe. This move is what creates the story for this masterpiece of a novel. Back in Lantern Yard, Silas Marner has been a sincere member of the local church. At times, Marner gets certain queer fits that make him inactive for a period of time and after the fits are over, he is unable to recall the occurrences. Before Marner got framed for a crime which he had not committed, he was considered a man of great nobility. The criminal charge is the main reason behind his moving.

This betrayal that Marner from his friend who was actually the one committing the thievery makes socially awkward and a little disconnected from the world. His sole focus remains on the gold earnings he makes. He does not feel the need to be in the company of anyone and dedicates himself completely to his work of weaving. “His life had reduced itself to the functions of weaving and hoarding, without any contemplation of an end towards which the functions tended. The same sort of process has perhaps been undergone by wiser men, when they have been cut off from faith and love—only, instead of a loom and a heap of guineas; they have had some erudite research, some ingenious project, or some well-knit theory”. The villagers take him as a really queer person because of his habits to isolate himself, his ...

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