English Paper 2 2017, Section III, Unseen Poetry

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Table of Contents


1. (a) What do you learn about the poet’s approach to life from reading this poem? 4

Explain your answer with reference to the poem. 4

(10) 4

(b) Identify a mood or feeling evoked in the above poem and explain how the poet creates this mood or feeling. 4

Support your answer with reference to the poem. (10) 4

OR 5

2. Discuss the appeal of this poem with reference to its theme, tone and the poet’s use of language and imagery.  Refer closely to the text in support of your answer. 5

(20) 5


Read the following poem by Robyn Sarah and answer either Question 1 or Question 2 which follow.


Make much of something small.

The pouring‐out of tea,

a drying flower’s shadow on the wall

from last week’s sad bouquet.

A fact: it isn’t summer any more.

Say that December sun

is pitiless, but crystalline

and strikes like a bell.

Say it plays colours like a glockenspiel*.

It shows the dust as well,

the elemental sediment

your broom has missed,

and lights each grain of sugar spilled

upon the tabletop, beside

pistachio shells, peel of a clementine.

Slippers and morning papers on the floor,

and wafts of iron heat from rumbling rads,

can this be all?  No, look – here comes the cat,

with one ear inside out.

Make much of something small.


Robyn Sarah   

*Glockenspiel – a type of musical instrument.

* Rads – radiators

1. (a) What do you learn about the poet’s approach to li...

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