Paper One - Comprehension Sample Answer - 2005 - Question A

Section 1- Comprehending 100 Marks

(All of the candidates’ own spelling, punctuation etc. have been retained.)

Paper 1

Section 1 – Comprehending

Text 2, Question A

(i) Which of the four images on page 4 makes the strongest impact on you? Give a reason for your answer. (15)

Of the four images shown, image two makes the strongest impact on me. I believe this is due to the superficial normality of the scene. A man and a woman dancing, a young boy to one side looking on. Both the contents of the photograph and the framing – the couple are not in the centre – imply to me a photograph that could have been taken by a friend or family member, a candid shot from a wedding or similar social event. But the gun hanging by the man’s side adds a new dimension to the scene. Not only does it give a wider context in terms of situation, it also implys that the soldier is always on alert. That even when dancing with a woman, he must always be ready in case he is called on to fight and kill again.

Marks awarded 14/15

(ii) Do you think that the introduction to the collection of images is an interesting portrayal of Jenny’s life as a news photographer?

Give reasons for your answer. (15)

I do think the introduction to the collection of images is an interesting portrayal of Jenny’s life as a news photographer. She describes how she got involved in the profession – how an interest in covering ‘foreign stories’ led her to war, and how she has learned about war from experience, unlike the rest of us, who learn from what we are told. And she tells where she has been, behind the lines, tiptoeing around both major international conflict and ‘practically invisible’ conflicts the rest of the world knows nothing about. She has been places the rest of the world only see on television, and heard stories that give another side to the politicians’ reassurances. She has been to ‘nasty corners’ of the world yet cared enough to return. And that is what I find truly interesting.

Marks awarded ex...

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