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All My Sons Precursor to Arthur Miller's Dramatic World Sample Answer

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Sample Answer 4

All My Sons as Precursor in Arthur Miller’s Dramatic World 4

Sample Answer

All My Sons as Precursor in Arthur Miller’s Dramatic World

Most of the reviews appearing in the major newspapers and magazines on All My Sons (1947) were rather favourable, which is quite understandable considering that the play vividly depicts the psychological aspects of the United States during and immediately after the Second World War in a realistic setting. In fact, it is impossible to understand the problems Joe and Chris Keller, the father and the son, get involved in without the background of the war. The moral or ethical issue the play presents through the conflict between Joe, a practical-minded realist and Chris, a militant idealist, or even Larry, another son not appearing on the stage, becomes apparent with the very background of the war, per se.

It is true that in the play Arthur Miller portrays Joe and Chris as victims of the war. However, if we look at it merely, say, as a social play reflecting the American society of the 1940s in relation to World War II, that will lead us to close our eyes to an appropriate evaluation of this play. All My Sons was Miller’s first Broadway hit and it was the precursor of his subsequent works on Broadway in terms of his own themes and dramatic techniques. It has encompassed such themes as father-son conflict, guilt of fathers, conflict between the social and the personal, a man’s personal integrity, survival and soci...

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