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Letter Writing - Formal & Informal - Ordinary Level, Essential Guide

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Introduction - Letters 4

Formal Letter Template 5

Exam papers - Previous Years – Paper 1 6

2015 – Exam question - Letter of Application 7

2013 – Exam question - Letter to Author 8

2012 – Exam question - Letter to Mary Mc Aleese 9

2008 – Exam question - Letter of complaint 10

Bonus Letter - Practice letter – Letter for the future 11

Introduction - Letters

These revision notes are examples of how to go about writing a letter as required as part of the Leaving Certificate Examination in Ordinary Level English. You are required to know how to write both an informal and formal letter. It is very important when writing a letter that you:

  1. Use the proper layout
  2. Make sure you read the task set properly and answer what is asked in the question.
  3. The body of the letter is organised and the same points are not reiterated (i.e. avoid repetition).
  4. Where relevant, make a number of points / come up with a number of ideas. The more points / ideas made, you have more points to develop thus making more content for the body of the letter.
  5. Try not to focus on one side i.e. negatives only - giving out about problems. Try and offer a solution and make the letter more balanced.
  6. Stick to the point of the letter and don’t stray off topic.

When setting out to write the letter you should:

  • Set out the correct layout – Don’t forget that if you are asked to do a presentation or proposal the format will be the same but there is no sign off or greeting
  • Explain why you are writing the letter
  • Outline and develop each point in a separate paragraph.
  • Conclude letter by stating what you would like to happen next.

The style of writing is dependent on the task and the type of letter. It should be clear from the wording of the question whether you are expected to write in a descriptive / informative / argumentative or persuasive style.

Formal Letter Template

Note: Informal letters just include your address and the...

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