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Personal Statements, Sports Science - Essential Guide

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Sports Science Personal Statement 4

Sports Science Personal Statement

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed engaging in Physical Education and thus would like to pursue a career in the field of sports science. I have always had a strong interest in and felt very passionately about the practical and theoretical work involved in my study of Physical Education. I am keenly aware of the importance of exercise and its related issues, diet and fitness, when it comes to the prevention of physical injury, particularly as young people transition into adulthood.

Currently, I study A2 Physical Education, A2 Psychology, and AS Biology. Initially, these subjects appealed to me because of the variety of topics they covered. The aspects of Biology I find particularly interesting concern health and nutrition, and how the body is affected by exercise and nutrition. In Psychology, I am very interested in what makes people unique, and how the psychological or mental conscience can affect an individual’s thinking and typical thought processes.

Last but not least, during my time studying Physical Education, I have undertaken research assignments in a variety of topics such as motivation, reinforcement, and local provisions. Completing these assignments has been a challenge, but a positive one that gives me the opportunity to work hard whilst developing my knowledge and skill-set in the field of Physical Education.

During the last twelve months alone, I have been awarded my 'Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA)'. As part of this course, I was required to complete a number of hours of voluntary work, time I spent putting my newly acquired skills into practice. My voluntary work included my helping to organise an indoor sports competition for second-level students, teaching PE lessons at a primary school, and assisting the coaching of badminton sessions at my local leisure centr...

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