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Personal Statements - Social Work, Essential Guide

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Social Work Personal Statement 4

Social Work Personal Statement

I am applying to study social work because I have always wanted to be able to make a difference to other people's lives; within the field of social work, I believe I can do this in a caring and supportive way. In caring for my grandmother and supporting her to overcome the difficulties she faced on a daily basis while suffering with Alzheimer's disease, I gained much insight into the importance of one’s mental health. This is also just one area that I would like to gain more knowledge of.

In the past, one of my family members suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, and I witnessed, first-hand, the effect this had on his mental health, and the impact his substance abuse had on our family. These personal experiences further instilled in me the desire to become a social worker.

In the past year, I completed a counselling skills taster course and this made me even more interested in therapeutic intervention. It also taught me the importance of using empathy when working with people, a skill I'm very keen on developing. The course also taught me about the different types of therapy available, such as person-centred and cognitive behavioural therapy, and how important counselling skills are within the context of the wider social work profession.

Currently, I am enrolled in an access course, during which I have just successfully completed a presentation and timed exam on the topic of ‘Nature vs. Nurture’. I enjoyed the independent nature of the research required to complete my presentation, and I thrived in having to write my essay to a deadline. In terms of the subject itself, I found the concept of nature vs. nurture intriguing, particularly the work of Baron-Cohen and his research in the area of the relationship between developmental learning and autism.

In my current role as a learning disability supp...

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