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Personal Statements - Japanese Culture, Essential Guide

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Japanese & Politics/Religious Studies Personal Statement 4

Japanese & Politics/Religious Studies Personal Statement

England and Japan are two immensely contrasting worlds: this distinctiveness is why the undeniable magic of Japanese culture has always attracted me to study its oriental societies and traditions. I have been enthralled by the Japanese language since I was a young teenager; reading 'Japanese for Busy People' at school and trying to note down homework reminders in Kanji, anything to incorporate Japanese into my daily life. (direct, engaging intro supported by language-use that suggests this applicant is excited and passionate about the opportunity they are seeking)

As I grew, so did my desire to study Japanese culture and society. Yukio Mishima's politically aware novel 'Confessions of a Mask' captivated me. I found the contrast between the effeminate main character Kochan and the uber-masculine male figures present in teenage Japanese media refreshing. As a student of English I could better understand Mishima's style and nuance, empathising with Kochan's oppression in an era of Japanese right-wing militarism. This is where my political interests began; through independent study I became absorbed in political history, with particular attraction to the way Japan avoided colonisation by becoming an industrial superpower. (applicant builds on their opening paragraph, weaving their original source of interest in the subject matter into their personal experience of it)

Studying English has helped me to introduce a succinctness into my writing and speech which has complimented my study of the Japanese language; my natural flair for creative writing saw me win two regional poetry competitions and a 'Young Black Achiever's' award for outstanding achievement in English. This has helped me to approach my independent study of politics with an analytical mind, w...

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