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Leaving Certificate Poetry - How To Write A H1-Grade Answer, Essential Guide

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Table of Contents

How to write H1-grade Poetry answers 6

General Advice – Section A 6

Study/Revision 6

During the exam 7

5) Proof-read 8

General Advice – Section B 9

Study/Revision 9

During the exam 10

5) Aim for a strong conclusion 11

6) Proof-read 11

Example – Advice and analysis on how to answer specific questions 12

The Questions 12

(A) UNSEEN POEM (20 marks) 12

In the following poem, entitled Poetry, Leanne O’Sullivan addresses the mysterious source of her inspiration and considers her experience of writing poetry. 12

Answer either Question 1 or Question 2. 12

1.(a) Comment on one emotion expressed by the poet in this poem. Refer to the text in your answer. (10) 12

(b) Choose a line or phrase from the poem that impressed you. 12

Explain your choice. (10) 12

OR 12

2. Write a personal response to this poem. Your answer should make close reference to the text. (20) 12

(B) PRESCRIBED POETRY (50 marks) 13

Candidates must answer one of the following questions (1–4). 13

1. Emily Dickinson 13

“Emily Dickinson’s original approach to poetry results in startling and 13

thought-provoking moments in her work.” 13

Give your response to the poetry of Emily Dickinson in the light of this statement. 13

Support your points with suitable reference to the poems on your course. 13

2. William Butler Yeats 13

“Yeats can be a challenging poet to read, both in terms of style and subject matter.” 13

To what extent do you agree with this statement? Support your answer with 13

suitable reference to the poetry on your course. 13

3. Robert Frost 13

“Frost’s simple style is deceptive and a thoughtful reader will see layers of 13

meaning in his poetry.” 13

Do you agree with this assessment of his poetry? Write a response, supporting your points with the aid of suitable reference to the poems on your course. 13

4. Eavan Boland 13

“Boland’s reflective insights are expressed through her precise use of language.” 13

Write your response to this ...

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