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Foster, Essential Revision Notes

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Table of Contents

Context 6

Outline 7

Analysis – Author Interview 8

Why does the book end with “‘Daddy,’ I keep calling him, keep warning him. ‘Daddy.”? 8

Why does she just call the woman ‘woman’? 8

Did you ever think about continuing the story or did you want to leave it as just a bit ambiguous? 8

At the end why is Mrs Kinsella crying? “As though she is she crying not for one now, but for two?” 9

Why did you write from the girls’ perspective and in the present tense? 9

What inspired it? 9

Is it a happy ending or a sad ending? 9

What did you pick a girl as the main character rather than a boy? 10

There’s mention of a lost heifer. What’s the significance of this? 10

Where does the cover picture come from? 10

How easy was it to write from a child’s point of view? 10

Characters 11

Descriptions 11

The Girl 11

John Kinsella 11

Edna Kinsella 11

Dan 11

The Girl’s mother 11

Analysis – Heroes, Heroines, and Villains 11

The Girl 11

John 11

Edna 11

The Girl’s biological parents 12

Symbols 13

The young boy’s room 13

The weeping mattress 13

The well 13

The lost heifer 13

The scenery of the walk 13

The three lights 13

Theme or Issue 14

Relationships 14

The Girl and Edna 14

The Girl and John 14

Edna and John 14

The Girl and her biological family 14

The Girl’s Parents 14

The use of names in relationships 15

The unnamed narrator 15

Edna as “the woman” 15

Kinsella as “Kinsella” 15

“Daddy” versus “Da” versus “father” 15

The unnamed siblings 15

The unnamed boy 15

Family 15

A Sense of Belonging 16

The Home 16

Class 16

Secrets 17

The General Vision and Viewpoint 18

Characters and their fates 18

The Girl (narrator) 18

Edna and John 18

Dan and his wife 18

Setting 18

Plot 18

Structure 19

Beginning 19

Middle 19

End 19

Moments 19

Key Moments 19

Moments of great emotional power 19

Literary Genre 20

Language 20

Important Quotations 20

Sample Answers 21

Reading Claire Keegan’s Foster, A Personal Response 21

“The extent to which a reader can relate an aspect of a text to his or...

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