Mock exam paper F - Paper 1

English – higher Level – Paper I

Total Marks: 200 Marks

TIME: 2 hours and 50 minutes

  • This paper is divided into two sections, Section I COMPREHENDING and Section II COMPOSING.
  • The paper contains three texts on the general theme of TECHNOLOGY.
  • Candidates should familiarise themselves with each of the texts before beginning their answers.
  • Both sections of this paper (COMPREHENDING and COMPOSING) must be attempted.
  • Each section carries 100 marks.


  • Two Questions, A and B, follow each text.
  • Candidates must answer a Question A on one text and a Question B on a different text. Candidates must answer only one Question A and only one Question B.
  • N.B. Candidates may NOT answer a Question A and a Question B on the same text.



This text is an article from the online publication The Huffington Post, entitled ‘Kids, Tech and those Shrinking Attention Spans’ by Diana Graber.

Whenever I find myself at the front of a 7th grade classroom, I keep the title of this book in mind: Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire. This mantra serves to remind me that, short of actually lighting my hair on fire, a burning enthusiasm for the information I'm there to share is what's required to capture and hold the attention of this generation. After all, these kids have been raised in a world where access to information is instantaneous, and often entertaining, thanks to mobile technology.

We hear it all the time -- increased exposure to technology is rewiring our kids' brains, making it tougher to reach and teach them. A Pew Internet Survey of nearly 2,500 teachers finds that 87% believe new technologies are creating an "easily distracted generation with short attention spans" and 64% say today's digital technologies "do more to distract students than to help them academically."

But before you wring your hands in despair or, more likely, get distracted away from this story by your own task switching tendencies, read on! These same teachers also say that ...

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