Mock exam paper E - Paper 1


English – higher Level – Paper I

Total Marks: 200 Marks

TIME: 2 hours and 50 minutes

  • This paper is divided into two sections, Section I COMPREHENDING and Section II COMPOSING.
  • The paper contains three texts on the general theme of RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Candidates should familiarise themselves with each of the texts before beginning their answers.
  • Both sections of this paper (COMPREHENDING and COMPOSING) must be attempted.
  • Each section carries 100 marks.


  • Two Questions, A and B, follow each text.
  • Candidates must answer a Question A on one text and a Question B on a different text. Candidates must answer only one Question A and only one Question B.
  • N.B. Candidates may NOT answer a Question A and a Question B on the same text.



This text is a news article featured in The Telegraph, and was written by Damien McElroy. It describes the escalation of protests by native Brazilians against the World Cup.

Demonstrations against the World Cup descended into street riots in Sao Paulo on Sunday as a Brazilian anti-inequality protest movement started a campaign against public spending on sports extravaganzas.

Cars were burnt in the streets, shop fronts were vandalised and bank windows were smashed as Brazilian chapters of the worldwide radical activists Anonymous called for support for “Operation Stop the World Cup”.

Police clashed with the crowd of up to 2,500 in running battles that at one point forced bystanders to seek refuge from the fighting. The protest forced the Sao Paulo authorities to call off an event to mark the city’s 460th anniversary.

Solidarity protests were also staged in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, the capital, as organisers attempted to set in train a series of mass demonstrations in the run-up to the World Cup, which opens in June. Last year the country was racked by some of the worst violence it has seen since the dictatorships of the 1980s when it staged the Confeder...

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