Mock exam paper A - P2 Higher Level Marking Scheme




Higher Level

Paper II

Marking Scheme


The tasks set for candidates in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria:

• Clarity of Purpose (P) 30% of the marks available for the task

• Coherence of Delivery (C) 30% of the marks available for the task

• Efficiency of Language Use (L) 30% of the marks available for the task

• Accuracy of Mechanics (M) 10% of the marks available for the task

Each answer will be in the form of a response to a specific task, requiring candidates

• To display a clear and purposeful engagement with the set task

• To sustain the response in an appropriate manner over the entire answer

• To manage and control language appropriate to the task

• To display levels of accuracy in spelling and grammar appropriate to the required/chosen register.

Schematised detail regarding these criteria is to be found in Appendix 1 of this Marking Scheme.

The Grade Grid utilised for purposes of applying the criteria for assessment throughout the marking is to be found in Appendix 2 of the Marking Scheme.

Where discrete criteria awarding is in operation, marks will be indicated on candidates’ scripts in all instances in the order in which they are set out above. Thus Clarity of Purpose will always appear first in the list of marks. Marks awarded for Coherence of Delivery will follow and so on to the end.

Marks for Efficiency of Language Use are awarded in so far as the candidate’s answering is considered ‘appropriate to the delivery of the task’. Therefore, where a candidate fails to achieve a D grade mark in both Clarity of Purpose and Coherence of Delivery, award marks for Efficiency of Language Use up to the highest mark within the D band. Marks for Accuracy of Mechanics can still be awarded in line with the candidate’s proficiency in this area.

The list of texts prescribed for assessment in 2006 is set out in the Department of Education & Science Circula...

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