Mock exam paper C Ordinary Level



(Ordinary Level – 300 marks)

Duration: 3 hours


1. Answer Sections A and B of Question 1 and Three other questions.

2. All answers must be written in ink on the answer book supplied.

3. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.

4. Squared paper is supplied for diagrams and graphs as required.

5. Please label and number carefully each question attempted.

Section A - 30 marks

Give brief answers to any six of the following

Question 1.

(a) State two safety precautions to be observed when operating the Pillar drill?

(b) What are the two metals involved in galvanising?

(c) State the purpose of one of the safety symbols shown

(i) (ii)

(d) Give a typical application for a vacuum forming process

(e) Name two computer output devices

(f) What are the main reasons for alloying?

(g) Copper is said to be a ductile material, what is meant by this?

(h) What is the name of the tool opposite and give an application for its use?

Section B – 35 marks-

Answer any three of the following

(j) Describe the function and operation of a worm and worm wheel mechanism?

(k) Explain any two of the computing terms:

(i)USB port, (ii) VDU, (iii) LAN, (iv) Intranet.

(l) Explain any two of the following terms:

LED diode; Vernier callipers; Bimetallic strip; Transistor; Countersink drill.

(m) Define malleability in relation to the properties of metals and give an example of a malleable metal

(n) Name the cutting tools shown

Q.2. (45 marks)

  1. Name a furnace used in the production of pig iron.
  2. Explain the main parts and operation of this furnace with the aid of a diagram.
  3. State the composition of and give a suitable application for any two of the following:

(i) Bronze (ii) Copper (iii) Brass (iv) Zinc

(d) Identify two properties of (i) steel (ii) cast iron

(e) Identify two methods for protecting steel from corro...

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