Mock exam paper C Higher Level



(Higher Level – 300 marks)

Duration: 3 hours


1. Answer Sections A and B of Question 1 and FOUR other questions.

2. All answers must be written in ink on the answer book supplied.

3. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.

4. Squared paper is supplied for diagrams and graphs as required.

5. Please label and number carefully each question attempted.



Give brief answers to any ten of the following:

  1. State the purpose of any two of the safety symbols shown.

  1. Distinguish between metal ore extraction and metal ore concentration.
  2. Describe the metallic bond, with the aid of a suitable diagram.
  3. Identify the main processes used to manufacture any two of the items shown;

(i) Telephone (ii) Drill Vice (iii) Lamp

  1. Identify one automatic welding process.

  1. Differentiate, with examples, between electrical conductor and an electrical insulator.
  2. Select any two of the abbreviations shown and explain their meaning:

(i) URL (ii) HSS (iii) uPVC (iv) CD-RW

  1. Explain the function of a heat sink in electronic circuit assembly
  2. What contribution did any one of the following make to technology?
  3. (i) Tim Berners-Lee (ii) James Dyson (iii) Steve Jobs.
  4. Name two methods of securing nuts to prevent loosening due to vibration.
  5. Name three methods used in the disposal of used plastic materials.
  6. What is meant by the use of tolerance in precision measurement..

Section B.

Answer all questions. (50 marks)

n) Solar power is becoming more common used in generating electricity through thermal electric generators or by photovoltaic (solar) cells, which produce steam to drive turbines.

Identify three other energy sources, used in the generation of electricity that may drive a turbine-based system.

  1. Identify any three applications where the photovoltaic cell is commonly used.
  2. The basic structure of a photovoltaic cell is illustrated below

(i) Describe the process ...

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