Mock exam paper B Ordinary Level



(Higher Level – 300 marks)

Duration: 3 hours


1. Answer Sections A and B of Question 1 and FOUR other questions.

2. All answers must be written in ink on the answer book supplied.

3. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.

4. Squared paper is supplied for diagrams and graphs as required.

5. Please label and number carefully each question attempted.


SECTION A answer ten short question

  1. Distinguish between the crystal point defects shown.
  2. State the purpose of any one of the safety symbols shown.

  1. In oxy-acetylene welding what is meant by dissolved acetylene?
  2. Identify the main processes used to manufacture any two of the items shown;

(i) Plug casing (ii) Hair dryer (iii) Drill vice

  1. Describe the differences between metal fatigue and metal creep.

  1. Differentiate, with examples, between an electrical insulator and an electrical conductor.
  2. Select any two of the abbreviations shown and explain their meaning:

(i) LED (ii) IC (iii) http (iv) DVD

  1. State a typical end product for any two of the following:

(i) Drop forging. (ii) Calendering. (iii) Casting.

  1. What contribution did any one of the following make to technology?

(i) Steve Jobs (ii) John Logie Baird (iii) John P. Holland

  1. State the difference between a single-acting cylinder and a double-acting cylinder in pneumatic control.
  2. Describe the term elastic memory with reference to thermoplastics.

  1. Describe the use of flash back arrestors in oxy-acetylene welding equipment.
  2. Name and suggest a suitable application for the gauge shown.

Section B.

Answer all questions.

(50 marks)

The most famous of those who first postulated the idea of laser was, non-other than Albert Einstein himself back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Lasers have now become a common place in industry, medicine and for domestic technology.

  1. What do the letters L-A-S-E-R stand for?
  2. Explain how lasers can be used in any 3 of the ...

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