Mock exam paper B Higher Level



(Ordinary Level – 300 marks)

Duration: 3 hours


1. Answer Sections A and B of Question 1 and Three other questions.

2. All answers must be written in ink on the answer book supplied.

3. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.

4. Squared paper is supplied for diagrams and graphs as required.

5. Please label and number carefully each question attempted.

Q 1. Section A - 30 marks answer any six questions.

(A) List two safety precautions to be observed when using a centre lathe?

(B) Explain the difference between a ferrous and a non-ferrous metal?

(C) State the purpose of any one of the following in electronic circuits

(i) Switch (ii) Light emitting diode (LED) (iii) Printed circuit board

(D) Give a typical application for a vacuum forming process

(E) Name two computer input devices

(G) What is galvanised iron

(H) Explain the meaning of an interference fit between a shaft and a hole

(I) State one application for the ratchet and pawl mechanism shown.

Section B – 35 marks- Answer any three of the following

(A) Describe the function and operation of any one of the following.

(i)Plastic dip coating tank (ii) Morse taper sleeve (iii) Vee blocks and clamps

(B) Explain any two of the computing terms :

(i)Hardware, (ii) Browser, (iii) Virus, (iv) CPU.

(C) Define conductivity in relation to the properties of metals and give one example of a good conductor?

(D) Explain any two of the following terms :

  1. light dependent resistor (ii) countersink drill (iii) parting off tool (iv) engraving

(E) Name the mechanism shown and identify any one of the parts labelled A and B

Q.2. (45 marks)

  1. Name a furnace used in the production of steel?

(ii) Make a sketch of the furnace and explain its operation.

  1. Explain the term alloy

(ii) Name two alloys from the following list

(i) Solder (ii) Copper (iii) Br...

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