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Marketing #2 4

Promotion 4

Advertising 4

Types 4

Functions 4

Media used for Advertising 5

Selecting an Advertising Medium 6

ASAI: Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland 6

Sales Promotions 7

Types 7

Public Relations 7

Functions 7

Techniques Used 8

Personal Selling 8

Types 8

Place 8

Traditional Channel of Distribution 9

Alternative Channels of Distribution 10

Direct Channel of Distribution 10

Factors in Selecting Distribution Channel 11

Evaluation of a Business’s Marketing Mix: Red Bull 11

Marketing #2


  • This is how the company publicises its products to the general public and builds its brand image. The main methods of promotion are advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.


  • This is the paid, non-personal communication of a product through the media.
  • It does not involve the business and the customer meeting face to face.


  • Reminder Advertising: this type of advertising informs the customer a well-known brand is still around. It keeps the product in the mind of customer. Example: Coca Cola use reminder advertising.
  • Informative Advertising: this advertising gives factual information to consumers about the product. It lets them know about the product and its functions. Example: a shop informing customers a sale will be starting.
  • Comparative Advertising: a business advertises its products by showing how well it compares to the competition. It aims to show its product is much better than the competition. Example: supermarkets use comparative advertising against competitors to show they have lower prices.
  • Persuasive Advertising: it is designed to convince the customers they need a product. Attempts to persuade them that the product is essential to their life and happiness. Example: L’Oréal use celebrities in advertising their customers.
  • Generic Advertising: this promotes a product type, not just a particular brand. It aims to boost the profits of an e...

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