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Management Skills 1 4

Management skill of leading 4

Autocratic Leadership 4

Democratic Leadership 4

Laissez-Faire Leadership 4

Delegation 4

Requirements for Delegation: 5

Advantages of Delegation: 5

Disadvantages of Refusing to Delegate 5

Importance of Effective Leadership 5

Management skill of motivating 5

McGregor- Theory X and Y 6

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 7

Importance of Motivation: 8

Management Skills 1

  • A manager must have 3 skills:
  1. Leading
  2. Motivating
  3. Communicating

Management skill of leading

Leading is the ability to direct people, give them instructions and make them follow and obey you. Good leadership creates a sense of trust between manager and employees.

Autocratic Leadership

  • All decisions are made without consulting employees
  • He/She gives orders and expects them to be obeyed without question

Evaluation: Does not usually produce good results. Workers usually resent this type of treatment. They lose motivation.

Democratic Leadership

  • The manager invites employees to discuss issues and takes their views into account when making a decision
  • Manager delegates work to employees as he trusts them

Evaluation: Usually achieves better results than autocratic leadership. Employees like to be involved in the business= use initiative and are motivated.

Laissez-Faire Leadership

  • Manager doesn’t interfere with how employees do their work
  • Gives employees a goal and leaves it up to them as to how they will work to achieve their goal

Evaluation: Appropriate only when the manager has very trustworthy employees- some employees would take advantage of the freedom.


  • When a manager gives some of his work to an employee to do for him. The manager gives the employee authority to carry out the work and will hold him responsible for doing a good job but ultimate responsibility lies with the manager

Requirements for Delegation:

  1. Responsible/ Trustworthy employees
  2. Good control system- monitoring
  3. A manager ...

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