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Change from Controller to Facilitator 4

Employee Empowerment 4

Benefits 4

Employee Participation 5

Benefits 5

TQM: Total Quality Management 5

The Main Principles of TQM 5

What are the Benefits of TQM? 6

Technology 6

How does Technology Change the Roles of Managers? 6

What is the Impact of Technology on Employees? 6

What is the Impact of Technology on Business Costs? 6

What is the Impact of Technology on Business Opportunities? 7

Why are Employees Resistant to Change? 7

Strategies for Managing Change 7

Change from Controller to Facilitator



  • The Controller Manager was the ‘boss’- assumed he/she knew everything.
  • Did not ask employees for their opinions.
  • Made all the decisions.
  • The manager is more of a coach who trains/ develops employees.
  • Gives them skills so they can solve problems in the business themselves.
  • Enables employees to make a much more useful contribution to the business.
  • The Controller Manager would try to catch out employees.
  • Told them where they were going wrong and how not to make the same mistake.
  • The Facilitator Manager helps employees if they make a mistake.
  • They give the employees the tools to do their work better through technology, training, equipment.
  • Threatened and punished employees who broke the rules.
  • Encourages employees to do better and rewards them for work well done by giving them extra responsibility.

Employee Empowerment

  • This is giving employees power to make decisions on their own without having to ask the manager’s permission. Employees are given freedom to decide what to do and when to do it.


  • Better Service to Customers: if the customer has a query or complaint the employee has the power to solve the problem and does not have to wait for the manager to do so.
  • Employee Morale Increases: as employees have more responsible jobs to do this satisfies their esteem needs. As a result they will be motivated and happier in their job.
  • Business Effect...

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