Mock Exam Paper D - Ordinary Level Marking Scheme

Pre – Leaving Certificate Examination 2014

Marking Scheme

Business Ordinary Level


  1. Pay Related Social Insurance, Annual General Meeting, Human Resource Management (4+3+3)
  2. Decisiveness, self motivated, hard working, effective planners, ability to manage people, time and resources (4+3+3)
  3. This is the granting of a licence by the franchiser to the franchisee allowing the sale of their product or service. The licence is expensive and a percentage of sales must be paid annually. The franchisee has the benefit of renting a well established business name and a proven idea. Examples: McDonalds, SuperMacs, The Body Shop, 0 Brien's Sandwich Bars,

(5 for explanation + 5 for example)

  1. Offer, acceptance, consideration, intention to contract, capacity to contract, consent to contract, legality of form (4+3+3)
  2. (i) False (ii) True (iii) True (iv) False (v) True (2+2+2+2+2)
  3. (i) Employer’s liability insurance: protects the employer against claims by employees who have been injured in the workplace.

(ii) Public liability insurance: protects a business against claims by members of the public who have sustained loss or injury on its premises. (5+5)

  1. Complete the functional structure of a business with four departments

Finance Department, Information Technology Department, Human Resource Management Department, Payroll Department, Sales Department, Purchases Department (3+3+3+1)

  1. List three methods of Written Communication a business might use:

(i) Letter (ii) Memorandum (iii) Business documents (iv) Fax (v) Report (vi) Newsletter (vii) E-mail (viii) Minutes (ix) Notices (x) Text messages


  1. List three grounds on which Employment Discrimination is outlawed under the Employment Equality Act 1998: (i) Gender/Male/Female (ii) Marital status (iii) Family Status (iv) Sexual orientation (v) Religious beliefs (vi) Age (vii) Race (viii) Disability (ix) Membership of traveller community (4+3+3)
  2. Three institutions of the European Union are The European Parliament, The Co...

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