Mock exam paper D Higher Level Marking Scheme

Pre-Junior Certificate 2014

Higher Level

Marking Scheme

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Question 1 Question 4

  1. (i) Chicken pox, measles, HIV etc, 3m a) Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu 6m
  2. (i) Residue 3m

(ii) salt dissolves in water 3m

  1. Rigid –lunch box / Flexible – 3x2m

hairbrush / Waterproof – plastic


  1. Heat and Oxygen 2x3m
  2. Elements contain only one type of 6m

atom /Compounds contain two or

more atoms chemically combines

  1. (i) Covalent Bond 3m

(ii) Methane / Oxygen 3m g) (i) Electrolysis 3m

(ii) Test tube B 3m

h) (i) Soluble – substance dissolves 2x2m Insoluble - substance does not dissolve

(ii) HCl + NaOH - > H2O + NaCl 6m

Question 5

  1. (i) Diagram should contain delivery tube, water basin, beehive shelf, gas 4 x 1m


Labels included. 2m

    1. Lime water test / extinguishing a 2x3m


    1. 2HCl +CaCO3 ->CO2 + CaCl2 + H20 6m

  1. (i) Alkali Metals 3m
    1. Wear Safety goggles / place in a 6m

fume cupboard

    1. Isotopes are atoms with the 6m same atomic number but different

mass numbers / different number of neutrons.

    1. Sodium + water - > Sodium 6m Hydroxide + Hydrogen gas

Question 6

  1. (i) B and C 2 x 3m
    1. B, these is more water present. 2 x 3m (iii) They do not have the factors 6m

necessary for rusting A – No Oxygen,

D – no water.

(iv) Painting / Galvanising 6m

  1. (i) Atomic Mass number / Number of 2 x 3m protons and neutrons in the nucleus. (ii) Mg – 2,8,2 Cl – 2,8,7 2x 3m
    1. Shade group 8/0 3m

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(ii) Vaccines 3m b) An increase in humidity 6m

  1. Skin and Lungs 2x3m
  2. Lungs - Ribs, Spinal cord – Vertebra, 3x2m

Brain - Skull

  1. (i) Plant should be drawn bending to 3m the right of the page.

(ii) Phototropism 3m f) (i) Vitamin C 3m

(ii) Any Citrus fruit / Green Vegetables 3m g) (i) 16% 3m

(ii) Gaseous Exchange 3m h) (i) Breathing is the taking in of air. 4m Res...

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