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Mock exam paper C Higher Level & Ordinary Level Marking Scheme

Pre-Junior Certificate 2013


Higher & Ordinary Level

Marking Scheme

: T:091-520400


Question 1

  1. Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, X = Chlorophyll 3 x 2m
  2. Milk – protein/mineral (calcium), Butter - Fat, Cereal (carbonhydrate). 3 x 2m
  3. A – Food Store, B – Embryo, C – Testa/seed coat

3 x 2m

  1. Function – Produce/Hold Sperm Why - keep sperm at lower temperature 2 x 3m
  2. Joint is where two bones meet. Shoulder/Hip, Knee/Elbow 3x 2m
  3. Inherited – hair/eye colour, height, etc Non-inherited – riding a bike, playing an instrument etc 2 x 3m
  4. Vein, X - Valve, prevents blood flowing backwards 3 x 2m
  5. (i) Eye piece, Focus know, stage, objective lenses 4 x 1m

(ii) Clip slide into stage / Always start on low power. 2x 3m

Question 2

  1. (i) Suitable temperature / Food/ Oxygen / suitable. 3 x 3m

(ii) Food source for microorganisms 3m (iii) To act as a control 3m

(iv) Temperature suitable for growth of 3m microorganism

(v) Bacteria and Fungi 2x 3m ...

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