Mock exam paper B Higher Level & Ordinary Level Marking Scheme


Pre-Junior CertificatE Examination, 2012 ___________________




Higher and ordinary LEVEL


Question 1

  1. A- Iris, B - Lens, C – Transmit messages to brain 3 x 2m
  2. Joint A – Ball and Socket , Bone B - Femur Function C – Shock Absorber / helps reduce friction between bones 3 x 2m
  3. X – Pulmonary Artery, Thicker muscular wall to help pump blood out of heart around body 2 x 3m
  4. A – Sperm duct , B – Testis 2 x 3m
  5. A – esophagus, B – Stomach, C – Large intestine 3 x 2m
  6. Sensory neurons send messages to the brain from sense organs . Motor neurons sent from the brain to stimulate organs or muslces 2 x 36m
  7. Citrus fruit, Energy 2 x 3m
  8. (i) Kidney, Ureter, Hold Urine 3 x 2m (ii) Skin/Lungs 2m (iii) Carbon dioxide/ Water/ salts. 2m

Question 2

  1. (i) Respiration is the release of energy from nutrients at a cellular level. 6m

(ii) Food and Oxygen = Carbon dioxide and Water and Energy 6m (iii) Trachea (windpipe), Bronchus, Alveoli. 3x 2m

  1. (i) The period - shedding of lining of the uterus 3m

(ii) Ovulation 3m


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