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Table of Contents

Belief in a Deity 6

Waheguru 6

Beliefs on Waheguru: 6

Guru Nanak 6

Founding story 6

Miracles 7

Sikhism and Miracles 7

Religious and Spiritual Experiences 8

Public and Private Worship 8

Sikh Symbols 8

Worship 8

In the home 9

Prayer and Meditation 9

Naam Simran 9

Food and Fasting 9

Sikhism and Fasting 9

Life’s End 11

Body and Soul 11

Life after Death 11

Ending samsara, Reaching mukhti 11

Funeral Rites 11

Good and Evil 13

The Problem of Evil 13

Coping with Suffering 13

Morality 13

Religion, Reason, and Revelation 15

Revelation 15

Nature’s Revelation 15

The Sacred Texts 15

Religion and Science 16

Origins 16

Humanity’s Role 16

People and Animals 16

The Environment 16

Sewa and The Environment 17

Religion and Human Relationships 18

Men and Women 18

In the family 18

In the gurdwara 18

Marriage 18

The Ceremony 18

Pre-marital sex 18

Civil Partnership 18

Divorce 19

Re-marriage 19

Sexual Relationships and Contraception 19

Religion and Medical Ethics 20

Abortion 20

Fertility Treatments 20

Euthanasia and Suicide 20

Animals and Medical Research 21

Religion, Poverty, and Wealth 22

Causes of Suffering 22

Concern for Others 22

Money 22

Moral and Immoral Occupations 22

Religion, Peace, and Justice 24

War 24

Dharma Yudh 24

Violence and Pacifism 24

Crime and Punishment 24

Social justice 25

Religion and Equality 26

Racism 26

Gender 26

Other Religions 26

Forgiveness and Reconciliation 27

Religion and the Media 28

Sikhism 28

Use of the Media: 28

Censorship/ Freedom of Speech: 28

Belief in a Deity


A deity is a god or a goddess. They have divine status and are a supreme being.

Words describing Waheguru


Immanent (everywhere and everything).




Transcendent (above and beyond creation).



Beliefs on Waheguru:

The Mool Mantar is the basic teachings that are found at the beginning of every section of the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Scriptures). It is repeated every day during the morning prayer. On Waheguru...

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