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World Religion Essential Revision Notes Buddhism

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Table of Contents

Belief in a Deity 5

The Nature of Gods 5

Reasoning 5

Belief in Gods 5

The Four Noble Truths 5

The Five Precepts 6

The Eightfold Path 6

Miracles 6

Religious and Spiritual Experiences 7

Public and Private Worship 7

Buddhist symbols 8

Meditation 9

Food and Fasting 9

Life’s End 9

Body and Soul 9

Relationship between body and soul 10

Life after Death 10

Death 10

Good and Evil 11

Coping with Suffering 12

The three refuges 12

Moral Behaviour 12

Religion, Reason, and Revelation 13

Form and Nature of Revelation 13

Authority and Importance of Sacred Texts 14

Religion and Science 15

Origins of the World and Life 15

Humanity in the World 16

People and Animals 16

Medical Testing 16

Environmental Issues 16

Religion and Human Relationships 18

The Role of Men and Women 18

Roles within the Vihara 18

Marriage 18

Marriage’s Importance 18

Civil Partnership 18

Divorce 19

Acceptable Reasons for Divorce 19

Attitudes towards re-marriage 19

Sexual Relationships and Contraception 19

Religion and Medical Ethics 20

Abortion 20

Cloning 20

Fertility Treatments 20

Euthanasia and Suicide 20

Animals and Medical Research 21

Religion, Poverty and Wealth 22

Wealth and the Causes of Hunger, Poverty, and Disease 22

Concern for Others 22

The Use of Money 22

Moral and Immoral Occupations 23

Buddhist and Immoral Occupations 23

Religion, Peace, and Justice 24

War 24

Violence and Pacifism 24

Crime and Punishment 24

Social Injustice 25

Religion and Equality 26

Equality 26

Racism 26

Gender 26

Forgiveness and Reconciliation 27

Religion and the Media 28

Buddhism and the Media 28

Censorship/Freedom of Speech 28

Attitudes towards Buddhism 30

Conversion 30

Belief in a Deity

A deity is a god or a goddess. They have divine status and are a supreme being.

The Nature of Gods

Buddhism teaches that discussing the nature of gods is unhelpful. However, Buddhists are taught that they should be tolerant of all faiths and their gods. Deities trapped within the cycle of samsara (cycle of b...

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