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Mock exam paper C Higher Level Marking Scheme





Written Examination

: T:091-520400

Question One SECTION A


(a) (i) John P Holland – invented the submarine

(ii) Guiglielmo Marconi – invented wireless

(iii) Charles A Parsons – invented the steam turbine Any one @ 4 marks

(b) Compression Stroke (4 marks)

(c) Power Stroke (4 marks)

(d) Any two of the following: motorcycles, automobiles, boats, trucks, aircraft, ships 4 marks

(e) Piston Rings are used used to provide a gas seal between the piston & the cylinder and also to prevent lubricating oil passing into the combustion chamber. 4marks

(f) Toughness: The ability of a material to withstand blows or an impact. The amount of energy required to fracture a material is an indication of its toughness.

Ductility:A material is said to be ductile when it can be permanently stretched without fracture by a tensile force. It is the ability to be drawn into a wire.

Conductivity:The ability of a material to allow heat or electricity to flow through it.

Elasticity:The ability of a material to return to its original shape when freed freom its distorting force.

4 marks @ 1 mark each

(g) Diagram drawn as below. One mark per correct component. One mark for diagram.


Question One SECTION B (Five parts only to count)

(a) (i) Length 80mm / Width 16mm


  • Draw a centre line using the odd leg callipers
  • Punch mark 8mm from top of the workpiece
  • Position one leg of dividers on punchmark,

with other leg set to 8mm draw the arc. 2 marks


Once the axle support has been filed to its required shape the fold lines can be clearly marked using a scriber & try square at 18mm in from either end. Using folding bars in the vice & with the piece lined up at 90 degrees to the jaws of the vice bend the piece with a mallet. Turn over to bend the other side. Check angle using try square.

4 marks

(c) Safety precautions to be observed incl...

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