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Mock exam paper A Higher Level Marking Scheme



Materials and Technology – METALWORK


Written Examination – 100 Marks

Answer Sections A and B of Question 1 and three other questions.

Question One – Section A 20 Marks (All questions carry 4 marks)

  1. (i) Nicholas Otto – Four Stroke Engine

(ii) Charles Goodyear – Vulcanised Rubber

(iii) Karl Von Sauerbonn – Bicycle (2 marks each)

  1. Chainsaw / Motorbike (2 marks each)
  2. Spark Plug – When this fires it ignites the compressed fuel which in turn expands and forces the piston down. (4 marks)
  3. B – Reciprocating. C – Rotary (2 marks each)
  4. Power, Exhaust, Intake, Compression. (4 marks)




Polyester Resin





(4 marks)

  1. (i) A - Resistor B – Bulb (1 mark each)

(ii) Parallel – You can turn one component in the circuit off and the others will remain on. All components will get the full voltage. Household electric systems are connected in parallel. (2 marks)

Question One – Section B 20 Marks

Five parts only to be counted

  1. Facing Off, Drilling, Parting Off, Turning Down. (2 marks each)
  2. No loose clothing or hair.

Always wear goggles.

Always remove the chuck key.

Be aware of the emergency stop function. (2 marks each)

  1. (i) 120mm

(ii) The mud guard can be formed using a soft head hammer or mallet (so as not to damage the surface finish) to form it around a circular former in the bench vice. The work piece should be gripped at the line where the bend is to start. (2 marks each)

  1. (i) When the switch is on the current from the battery will switch the LED on as a signal that there is power in the circuit. Current then flows on to the motor which can be controlled via the variable resistor.

(ii) It controls the amount of current running into the LED so the component does not burn out. (2 marks each)

  1. Allows for a light and simple model as all the electronics, battery etc can be stored in the remote control.

If the electric circuit fails it can be repaired easily as it is easier to get at.

Speed can be adjusted withou...

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