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Maths Video Lesson 1 Revision eNotes


Lesson 1 - Linear Equations. 4

Free Maths Tutorial 4

Solving Linear Equations 4

Word Problems 7

Linear Equations with Fractions. 9

Type 2: More than 2 Fractions. 11

Problem Solving with Fractions 13

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Lesson 1 - Linear Equations.

Free Maths Tutorial

These revision notes have been brought to you by an experienced Maths teacher - Mr Tom Nolan. These notes can be read in conjunction with the Free maths tutorial linked below. You will find this tutorial under, junior cert, maths, videos. These notes are suitable for Junior Certificate Students and covers Linear Maths. There is a work sheet and solutions that are an add on to the notes and can also be purchased from

Solving Linear Equations


Rule 1


Rule 2



7x - 9


Word Problems

When 4 is added to five times a certain number the result is 19. Find the answer.

When 4 is added to seven times a certain number the result is the same as adding 12 to five times the number. What is the number?

Pat is X years old. In ten years time, Pat will be twice as old as he was four years ago. What age is Pat now?

Ten years time = x+10

Four years ago = x - 4

Perimeter is 43m find x and the length of each side




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Linear Equations with Fractions.



Type 1 :- Just One Fraction or Two Fractions.


Type 2: More than 2 Fractions.


  1. Get the L.C. M
  2. Multiply each Fraction by the L.C.M.
  3. All factions wil...

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