Mock exam paper A P1 Higher Level




PAPER I (300 marks)


Time: hours


Attempt ALL questions.

Each question carries 50 marks.

The symbol indicates that supporting work must be shown to obtain full marks.


Q.1 (a) (i) Multiply by and write your answer in the form ,

where .

(ii) Express 240 grams as a fraction of 8 kilograms and write your answer in

its simplest form.

(b) A car journey of 455 kilometres took 6 hours and 30 minutes.

(i) Calculate the average speed of the car, in km/hr, for the journey.

(ii) If the average petrol consumption for the journey was 9.2 kilometres per

Litre, calculate the number of litres used, correct to the nearest litre.

(c) Mary earns €42,000 per annum. The standard rate of income tax is 20% and the higher rate is 42%. The standard rate cut-off point is €28,000 and she has a personal tax credit of €2,200.

(i) Calculate the tax payable by Mary for the year and her net pay.

Peter has the same tax credit and standard cut off as Mary and his net pay is €3,480 more than Mary’s.

(ii) Calculate Peter’s annual salary.

Q.2 (a) (i) List the first five multiples of 15 and the first five multiplies of 20.

(ii) Hence, or otherwise, write down the lowest common multiple of 15 and 20.

(b) (i) By rounding to the nearest whole number, estimate the value of :

Then evaluate correct to two decimal places.

(ii) Solve for x,

(c) A survey was taken of 54 students, each of whom was studying one or more of the subjects English, French and Spanish.

6 students studied French and Spanish.

5 students studied English and Spanish

3 time as many students studies English and French as studied all three subjects.

20 students altogether studied French.

17 students studied Spanish only ...

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