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2. Documents

Document 1

An extract from Vasari’s “Life of Leonardo da Vinci”.

For Francesco del Giocondo, Leonardo undertook to paint the portrait of Mona Lisa, his wife… Whoever shall desire to see how far art can imitate nature, may do so to perfection in this head…The eyes have the lustrous brightness and moisture which is seen in life…with the lashes, which can only be copied, as these are, with the greatest difficulty; the eyebrows also are represented with the closest exactitude…the nose, with its beautiful and delicately roseate nostrils, might be easily believed to be alive…he who looks earnestly at the pit of the throat cannot but believe that he sees the beating of the pulses, and it may be truly said that this work is painted in a manner well calculated to make the boldest master tremble, and astonishes all who behold it, however well accustomed to the marvels of art.

Mona Lisa was exceedingly beautiful, and while Leonardo was painting her portrait, he took the precaution of keeping some one constantly near her, to sing or play on instruments, or to jest and otherwise amuse her…that she might continue cheerful…In this portrait of Leonardo’s…there is so pleasing an expression, and a smile so sweet, that while looking at it one thinks it rather divine than human, and it has ever been esteemed a wonderful work.

Document 2

An extract from the diary of Maximilianus Transylvanus who sailed with Magellan.

And, as this ship let in water, being much knocked about by this long voyage, the sailors, many of whom had died by hardships by land and by sea, could not clear the ship of the water. Wherefore, they landed upon one of the islands, which is named after Saint James, to buy slaves. But as our men had no money, they offered, sailor fashion, cloves for the slaves. This matter havin...

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