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Mock exam paper C Higher Level Marking Scheme






1. The procedure for marking will consist of:

Careful reading and analysis of all the answers.

Allocation of marks to the components according to the agreed scheme.

Addition of the marks with attention to:

(i) maximum per section;

(ii) maximum per question.

2. Components


(i) Identification of visually presented data;

(ii) Stating facts.

Significant Relevant Statement (SRS)

(i) A major fact, aspect or phase of the topic;

(ii) An explanation of a term or concept relevant to the topic;

(iii) A valid interpretation, comment, opinion, judgment relevant to the topic;

(iv) 2/3 tentative statements of fact, etc;

(v) An important cause /effect;

(vi) A pertinent relevant map /illustration (a map or illustration may merit more than one SRS);

(vii) Valid introductory material.

3. Marking

(a) Answers are awarded:

(i) a Cumulative Mark (CM);

(ii) an Overall Mark (OM).

(b) The Cumulative Mark (CM)

Starting from the beginning of the answer, tick clearly thus (√) each fact or SRS. Award the mark/s agreed on the marking scheme to each fact or SRS.

(c) The Overall Mark (OM)

In making a judgment on OM, the examiner must consider the quality of the answer in the light of the set question.

The total awarded for CM and OM must be shown separately e.g. 5+2 = <7

(d) Total the marks awarded to each part of the question in the right-hand margin thus: four marks to be shown as <4. Then proceed to mark the remainder. Put the grand total for the question, for example (30), on the left-hand margin near the question number.

(e) Read all the answers even excess, repeated or cancelled. The answer gaining most marks is accepted, within the rubrics of the examination paper.

NB ‘Etc.’ is used in the Marking Scheme to indicate that other answers may be acceptable; in all other cases, only the answer given in the scheme or ‘words to that effect’ may be awarded marks.


Higher Level

Marking Scheme

1. PICTURES (15 marks)

(a) Picture A: Archa...

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