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2. Documents

Document 1

Moya Woodside, a surgeon from Belfast, describes the aftermath of a German bombing raid in April 1941.

Evacuation is taking on panic proportions. Roads out of town are still one stream of cars, with mattresses and bedding tied on top. Everything on wheels is being pressed into service. People are leaving from all parts of town and not only from the bombed areas. Where they are going, what they will find to eat when they get there, nobody knows. This business presents a problem of the first proportions to Stormont…My mother telephoned to say that she took in 8 evacuees last night, 2 mothers and 6 children. She says one mother is about to have another baby any minute, that they are all filthy, the smell in the room is terrible. They refuse all food except bread and tea; the children have made puddles all over the floor, etc. She is terribly sorry for them, and kindliness itself, but finds this revelation of how the other half live rather overpowering.

Document 2

Julius Caesar describes the island of Britain.

The island is triangular in its form, and one of its sides is opposite to Gaul. One upper part of this side, which is in Kent, where almost all ships from Gaul are directed, looks to the east; the lower looks to the south. This side extends about 500 miles. The next side of the island lies toward Spain and the west, on which part is Ireland. It is reckoned that Ireland is half the size of Britain, but the sea from it to Britain is of equal distance with that from Gaul. In the middle of this voyage, is an island, which is called Mona. Many smaller islands besides are said to lie in that sea and it has been written of them that, at the time of the winter solstice, it is night there for thirty consecutive days. We, in our inquiries about that matte...

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