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Mock exam paper B Higher Level Source File




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2. Documents

Document 1

A complaint made to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on the eve of the Great Famine, 1845.

We have ascertained beyond any shadow of doubt, that considerably more than one-third of the entire potato crop in Ireland has already been destroyed by the potato disease; and that such disease has not, by an means, ceased its ravages, but, on the contrary, is daily extending more and more; and that no reasonable conjecture can be formed with respect to the limits of its effects, short of destruction of the entire remaining potato crop…that our information on the subject is positive and precise and is derived from persons living in all the counties of Ireland, from persons of all political opinions and from clergymen of all religious persuasions.

We are thus unfortunately able to proclaim to all the inhabitants of the British Empire, and in the presence of an all-seeing Providence, that in Ireland famine of a most hideous description must be immediate and pressing, and that pestilence of the most frightening kind is certain and not remote, unless immediately prevented.

We arraign in the strongest terms, consistent with personal respect to ourselves, the culpable conduct of the present administration.

Document 2

Two accounts of the Nuremberg Rallies.

From William L. Shirer’s “Berlin Diary” about the rally of 1934:

Sept 7th.

Another great pageant tonight. Two hundred thousand party officials packed in the Zeppelin Meadow with their twenty-one thousand flags unfurled in the searchlights like a forest of weird trees. Hitler shouted at them through the microphone, his words echoing across the hushed field from the loud-speakers.

From Virginia Cowles’ “Looking for Trouble” about the rally of 1938:

As the time for the Fuhrer’s arrival drew near, the crowd grew restless. Sudden...

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