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Mock exam paper A Ordinary Level Source File



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2. Documents

Document 1

Kathleen Rainer, a civilian eye-witness, describes an episode during the Battle of Britain (September 1940).

We were watching the dog-fighting going on, allied and German fighters battling it out in the sky above. Suddenly an allied pilot bailed out of his Spitfire, his parachute opening and we watched him slowly descending to the ground. As we watched we were horrified to see the German fighter pilots trying to shoot him out of the sky, while he was totally helpless! We were gutted at the Germans, of course we know now that they committed even worse acts, but to us this was just horrible. We were so proud of our pilots for what they did next though. The other Spitfires began to circle the parachute, protecting the pilot from the German attack. As the pilot descended down, the rest of his squadron would spiral down with him, guiding him to the ground and protecting him. We were so proud of them, risking their lives to save that one pilot who was otherwise totally defenceless against the German fighters.

Document 2

Vasco da Gama describing the native people of South Africa (1497).

The inhabitants of this country are tan-colored. Their food is confined to the flesh of seals, whales and gazelles, and the roots of herbs. They are dressed in skins. They are armed with poles of olive wood to which a horn, browned in the fire, is attached. Their dogs resemble those of Portugal, and bark like them. The birds of the country, likewise, are the same as in Portugal, and include cormorants, gulls, turtle doves, crested larks, and many others. The climate is healthy and temperate, and produces good herbage. On the day after we had cast anchor, we landed with the captain-major, and made captive one of the natives, who was small of stature. This man had been gathering honey in the sandy w...

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