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Mock exam paper B Higher Level Marking Scheme





Marking Scheme


Junior Cert – HL – Marking Scheme

SECTION I: Listening Comprehension (140 marks): 28, 26, 28, 26, 32

Part A (28 marks)




Where does s/he live?

Any one (2)

-in a little village

-near Holland

Any one (2)

-in Berlin

-Capital of Germany

What is his/her birthday?

September 2 (2)

November 11 (2)

Where is their school located?

In the neighboring city/town (2)

Just a few minutes away from their flat/apartment (2)

What are their two favourite subjects?

Any two (1, 1)



Any two (1, 1)



What are their future plans when school is finished?

Wants to study abroad (2)

Wants to become a policewoman (2)

What job does s/he have?

Works in a department store (2)

Delivers newspapers (2)

What trip is mentioned?

Trip to Belgium (2)

Camping holiday (2)

B. 6, 10, 10 (26 marks)

1. Getting directions (6 marks)

(i) 2 City Hall (accept Town Hall)

(ii) Once directions go wrong, award no further marks.

1 Take the first (road) right

1 Go straight ahead/on

1 Pass/Past/After the shopping centre

1 Turn left at the next traffic light

2. Booking a youth hostel (10 marks)

(i) 2 2nd - 5th September (all or nothing)

(ii) 2 a dormitory (for eight people)

(iii) 2 (Euro) 30 (a/per night)

(iv) 2 Hartmann (all or nothing)

(v) 2 0208/2 47 95 (all or nothing but does not need to have the forward slash)

3. Choosing a present (10 marks)

(i) (a) 2 Weekend break/trip/holiday (in a hotel)/Hotel accomodation/Booking a hotel

(b) 2 Too expensive (or: dear)/(They) can't afford it/(They) only have a budget of 50 Euro

(ii) (a) Any two (1, 1)

Buy a (new) dress

Buy a (new) skirt

(b) Any two (1, 1)

They don't know her size/Do they know her size?

She already has lots of clothes/clothing items.

It will be difficult to find something new (for her).

(iii) 2 Buying/getting a (gift) voucher for an ...

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