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Geography - Essential Revision Notes

Layout of Geography paper

Short questions - 20 questions worth 3marks each (all questions to be done). There is choice in some questions where there are 2parts to the question but candidates are encouraged to answer all parts and the best questions will be taken.

Long questions- there are 5 long questions and candidates only have to do 3 of the 5. Each question carries 30 marks and are sub-divided into parts a, b & c. Some questions may have 4 parts and candidates only have to answer 3 parts (this is usually question 4). Section B is worth 90 marks.

Suggested timing for the examination

Candidates have 2 hours for the Junior Certificate examination. It is suggested that students take 10 minutes to look over the paper and decide what questions they intend to do.

Section A (short questions) - 40 minutes or 2 minutes a question

Section B (long questions) - 20 minutes at each long question (20x3-1 hour)

Take 10 minutes to read back over answers and to rectify any mistakes that have been made.

Before the examination

Ensure that you have a ready supply of pens, markers, rulers, erasers, tip ex, colouring pencils (you will not be allowed to get these off other students during the examination).

Ensure that you eat and sleep properly in the lead up to your examination.

Try and avoid social media sites and make your examination your sole focus.

Try not to panic in the days leading up yo an examination, focus on revision book and sample answers to ensure success.

During the examination

Ensure that you arrive to your examination on time.

Have all your materials ready for use.

Bring water with you.

Short questions

Do not rush at the short questions. You have plenty of time. If there are any questions that you are unsure of, leave the question and move onto the next one. Come back to the question again at a later stage. If the answer requires you to tick a box, do what is asked. Do not colour it in and do not tick more than one box. If you make a mistake, ensure that the corrector knows exactl...

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