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Postcard 1

Leaving Cert

Geography Higher Level


Sample Answer

(i) In the years 2000 and 2008 Irish imports exceeded €55 billion.

(ii) €42,537 million was the value of Ireland’s trade surplus in 2012.

(iii) 2000 = 27,980 , 2004 = 33,305. Difference = + 5,325 Percentage Difference = 19.09%

(iv) One advantage of having a trade surplus is the fact the nation, in value, is exporting more than it is importing. This means there is more money coming into the Irish economy than there is exiting. The low level of imports can be linked to the possession of many naturally occurring raw materials within the domestic jurisdiction which do not have to be brought for processing from abroad.

(v) Two Irish agricultural exports are Irish Beef and Dairy Cattle.

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