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Junior Cycle English Assessment Task, May 2017 -- Distinction-grade Sample Answer

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Table of Contents

Section A – Reflecting on a text 4

Question 1 4

Question 2 4

Section B – Reflecting on my writing 6

Thinking about the process of writing/compiling your Collection of Texts, write a short paragraph about each of two of the following into the spaces provided in the booklet: 6

a) How an experience inspired my writing 6

b) How drafting and editing made my work more enjoyable for the reader 6

c) Something I learnt about writing from creating my Collection of Texts 7

d) How I hope to use my writing skills in the future 7

In your responses, you are encouraged to refer to specific texts from your collection. 7

Section A – Reflecting on a text

Question 1

Give the titles of two texts, from your collection of texts, that you consider to be your best writing and identify the genre of each text.

The two texts from my collection that I consider to be my best are:

  1. Sewing the Sea (a poem)
  2. Flashes (a short series of flash fiction pieces)

Select an extract (for example, a paragraph, passage, or verse) from one text identified. Copy the extract into the space provided in the booklet.

A verse from ‘Sewing the Sea’:

Fishing for water,

sewing the sea,

you sit at ease

on your swept

and beaten quay,

passing no heed

to ticking time nor tide,

nor in the distance, me.

Question 2

Write a response to either (a) or (b).

(a) Explain how two features of the extract you have chosen are typical of its genre.

The first feature of my chosen extract that’s quite typical of the poetry genre is its use of rhy...

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