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Ordinary Level 2017

Table of Contents

Ordinary Level, 2017 3

Section A – Reading and Responding Imaginatively – 50 marks 3

Question 1 – 20 marks 4

Answer key 5

Question 2 – 10 marks 6

Sample answer 7

Ordinary Level, 2017

Section A – Reading and Responding Imaginatively – 50 marks

Read the following extract from an interview with Irish film director John Carney.   

In this interview Irish director John Carney talks about his latest film Sing Street, which tells the story of a Dublin teenager who forms a band in order to impress a girl.

What was your audition process like?  What were you looking for?

I was looking for kids that had character.  I wanted kids that had their own stories and were able to tell stories, all that sort of stuff, really.  Apart from musical skill, which was important, most of all I was looking for kids who could make me laugh.  

You’ve said this film is partly based on your own life.  What was the biggest difference between your own life story and the story the film tells?

The biggest difference is that the main character, Conor, is an incredibly handsome kid who is so full of confidence.  I wasn’t like that at all.  I had an inner belief in myself, but I didn’t walk around with that swagger.  I didn’t look that way.  As soon as Ferdia* got the part of Conor, the film changed.  We decided to just go with the ridiculous confidence Ferdia has.  He’s hilarious. Kids nowadays have that sort of confidence.  

*Ferdia – The actor who played the part of Conor in ‘Sing Street’.

You had huge success in 2007 with your earlier film ‘Once’.  Do you get tired of people always talking about that film?  

No, I’m absolutely fine with that.  It’s the thing that’s allowed me to make more films, and it’s allowed me to travel, and it's allowed me to buy a house.  [Laughs] It’s allowed me to not worry every day about money.  And as a creative person — that’s a massive thing.  Every painter and poet and artist and musician wonders, "Can I afford to continue to do this?"  And ‘Once’ is the thing tha...

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