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New Junior Cycle Task Assessment - Guide

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Table of Contents

Assessment Task Guide 4

Specification Outline 4

Analysis 5

Advice 5

Assessment Task Outline 5

Some sample stimulus materials 6

Assessment Task Sample 1 7

(A) 7

1. List the two texts from your collection that you consider to be your best and identify the genre of each. 7

2. Select an extract [e.g. paragraph / passage / verse] from one text in your Collection of Texts. 7

Copy the extract into the answer booklet. 7

3. Explain how two features of the extract you have chosen are typical of its genre. 7

OR 7

4. Identify a change that you made in the course of writing this text that you think improved it and explain how it improved the text. 7

Assessment Task Sample 2 9

(B) 9

Thinking about the process of writing/compiling your Collection of Texts, write a short paragraph about each of two of the following: 9

a) How the things I read helped me to be a better writer [R6, R8, W6] 9

b) How I worked with classmates as part of developing my writing skills [O1, W2] 9

c) How a specific piece of feedback was useful to me [W1, W3, W6] 9

d) How I hope/would like to use my writing skills in the future [R2, W9] 9

Other Useful Resources 11

Assessment Task Guide

Specification Outline

The Assessment Task (AT) is based on the principal objective of The Collection of the Student’s Texts, which offers students a chance to celebrate their achievements as creators of texts by compiling a collection of their texts in a variety of genres. The knowledge and skills developed by students during this Classroom-Based Assessment emerge from their growing awareness of the process of writing.

Students must complete Classroom-Based Assessment 2: The Collection of the Student’s Texts before completing the Assessment Task.

The Assessment Task is a written task completed by students during class time, which is not marked by the class teacher, but is sent to the State Examinations Commission for marking. The Assessment Task i...

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