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New Junior Cycle -- Student's Collection of Texts Guide

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Table of Contents

Classroom-Based Assessment 2 Guide 4

Specification Outline 4

Analysis 5

Advice 5

Sample Tasks 6

First-person autobiographical writing task – ‘My most special moments’ 6

Commentary 8

Narrative/expressive task – ‘Only my mother could embarrass me like that!’ 9

Commentary 10

Third-person descriptive writing task – A story about a situation where a person is put into danger – ‘Holiday Romance’ 12

Commentary 14

Functional writing task – Write a report for a local newspaper about someone who faced a challenge in life – ‘School student gained new record from running!’ 15

Commentary 16

1. First-person descriptive writing task – Write a story entitled ‘Lost’ – ‘Lost’ 17

Content writing task – Write a series of web pages that give visitors further information about the setting of the story – ‘The Midlands AMAZING Maze!’ 19

Commentary 20

Film review task – The Golden Compass 21

Commentary 21

Opinion piece – Editor Letter in response to an article you’ve read 22

Commentary 22

Classroom-Based Assessment 2 Guide

Specification Outline

Creative writing is a vital part of English, but students are not ‘born’ writers. They need to develop a voice and an identity, a good sense of audience, and an awareness of the process of writing – making notes from their reading and personal experience, trying things out, revising, and polishing for ‘publication’. This is best done over time, with supportive feedback and scaffolding from the teacher.

This Classroom-Based Assessment offers students a chance to celebrate their achievements as creators of texts by compiling a collection of their texts in a variety of genres over time and choosing a number of pieces to present for summative assessment.

The main learning outcomes to be assessed through The Collection of the Student’s Texts are:

Oral Language Reading Writing

OL 1 R 2, 6, 8 W 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11

In the majority of cases, the work in the student...

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