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New Junior Cycle Final Assessment - Guide

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Final Assessment Guide

Specification Outline

The Final Assessment in English will be offered at Higher and Ordinary Levels. At both levels there will be one examination paper. It will be linked to students’ learning during second and third year. The assessment will address outcomes marked with the star symbol in the tables of learning outcomes. 


Students will sit a two-hour written examination paper. They will be required to engage with, demonstrate comprehension of, and respond to stimulus material. The content and format of the examination papers may vary from year to year. In any year, the learning outcomes to be assessed will constitute a sample of the outcomes from the tables of learning outcomes. The examination takes place at the end of 3rd Year.


Sample 2017 English examination papers are available on


Based on the two sample papers posted on, this could be quite a varied paper each year.

The first sample paper tests students’ knowledge of spoken language, ability to respond creatively to stimulus, analytical reading of texts, comparative skills, reading comprehension of info-graphics, application of media studies knowledge, and practical understanding of poetry and what makes an effective poem.

On the other hand, the second sample paper tests students’ comprehension of Shakespearian texts, understanding of drama and performance, analytical reading of a studied Shakespearian text, knowledge of writing style and content, ability to define higher-level vocabulary in context, study of the structure of a novel, and ability to respond creatively to stimulus.

Based on this brief outline of the skills assessed by both sample papers, there is not the crossover of skills from one paper to the next that we came to expect of th...

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