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Higher Level 2018

Table of Contents

Higher Level, 2018 3

Section A – Reading and Writing with Competence – 55 marks 3

Question 1 – 15 marks 4

Guidance and Sample answer 5

Question 2 – 5 marks 5

Guidance 6

Answer key 6

Question 3 – 15 marks 7

Guidance and Sample answer 8

Question 4 – 20 marks 8

Guidance and Sample answer 9

Higher Level, 2018

Section A – Reading and Writing with Competence – 55 marks

Suggested time for Section A: 40 minutes

Read the following text by Tufayel Ahmed from and the accompanying screenshots.  Answer the questions that follow.  

There is a thin line between real news and fake news.  Even the most vociferous newshound is prone to falling for a deceptive article posted by a friend of a friend that lurks on our Facebook feed.  But now you can sharpen your ability to spot fake news and hopefully avoid being duped by fake stories.

Introducing Factitious, the web game that tests your knowledge of real and fake news.  It’s pretty easy for anyone to play.  Players have to swipe or click, depending on whether they think the story is true or fake.

Factitious derives its news stories from various sources around the web, some reputable, and some not so reputable.  The headlines all sound pretty preposterous— “Hash browns recalled over golf ball bits,” reads one—but some are, in fact, true, the hash brown story included. The online game was created by JoLT, a collaborative at the American University in Washington, D.C., that promotes innovation in journalism through game design.

The concept for Factitious comes from Maggie Farley, who worked for 14 years as a journalist at the Los Angeles Times.  In an interview with Newsweek, Farley said she originally devised the game to help middle and high school students discern fake news stories from real news stories.  

Farley hopes to rollout the software as a free, open‐source learning tool for students and newsrooms.  Educators will be able to input their own stories and test their students, which, given the age we’re living in...

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